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You wake up in the middle of the night, You hear a noise outside. There is someone out there to get you. RUN AND FIND A WAY OUT.... or can you?

developed by: Davi, Dabt, NIkodem


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This game not that scary much for me but the idea of the game is good. Anyway I really enjoy playing this game. 

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This shows a lot of promise but in its current state it is practically broken. The killer gets stuck in door frames, just stop moving randomly, kills you through doors, there is a bug where your model is still on the outside while your hiding(only occurs sometimes) and the killer still kills it thus killing you. I hate to sound mean especially when you worked hard on this but there are a lot of flaws. These flaws took a lot out the demo and made it aggravating/tedious after about 50+ attempts before winning due to bugs and not errors on your part. Hope to see it improved and made better one day. 

edit: Added a video showcasing some of the bugs and glitches that happen in the game.

Really loved this short game, got lots of potential

! Noticed a bug where i trapped the killer in one room because he stopped hunting me. But Loved the game buddy, Hope you develop it even further :)

The game is really awesome had fun playing it :D  i  hope you enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT4Qe7XSVfg&feature=youtu.be